Very Famous Landscape In China(II)

Mountain of gods-Mount Kangrinboqê

Mount Kangrinboqê is recognized as the holy mountain in the world. Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan native religion and ancient Jainism regard it as the center of the world.


The four walls of the mountain are neat and symmetrical. Mini electric scooter manufacturer Looking from the south, you can see its landmark landscape, a Buddhist ten thousand-character pattern consisting of a huge ice trough perpendicular to the top of the mountain and a horizontal rock layer (meaning eternal Buddhist Dharma, representing auspiciousness and protection).

Peak tops rise into clouds, often surrounded by white clouds. Locals think it is a good thing to see them.


For centuries, Mount Kangrinboqê has been fascinated by pilgrims and explorers.


Limpid Water and Red Mountain-Wuyi Mount

From the perspective of history and science, Wuyi Mountain has outstanding and universal value. It not only provides a unique witness to the disappearance of ancient civilization and cultural tradition, but also has a substantial connection with Confucian ideological civilization, which meets the standards of World Cultural Heritage No. 3 and No. 5.


Nature has given Wuyi Mountain a unique and superior natural environment, attracting elite scholars, officials and generals from all dynasties to visit, live in seclusion, write, or teach apprentices in the mountains.


Natural mountains and rivers have cultivated the temperament of elegant poems, stimulated people’s wisdom, spread human activities, developed Wuyi Mountain, and added luster to natural mountains and rivers.

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