The Fighting of Patent Fee and Business Benefits

As technology continues to advance, people have created countless products through technology, and many high-tech companies have also been born. However, most high-tech companies have unique patented technologies. In today’s world, having patented technology means having everything you can to beat your opponent’s chips. Of course, patents are also divided into high and low, and the general patented technology and special patented technology are not equal in terms of income or power. Therefore, we constantly propose that to master the core technology is to obtain key patents. galvanized steel tubing suppliers It is undeniable that since the invention of the great system of patent protection technology, the speed of people’s scientific and technological progress has also shown a state of acceleration.

On March 10, Microsoft filed a lawsuit against Foxconn’s parent company, Hon Hai, claiming that Hon Hai had failed to comply with a patent licensing agreement since 2013. Microsoft asked Hon Hai to pay the patent license fee and interest, and review Hon Hai’s books and attorney fees. In the documents submitted to the court, Microsoft accused Foxconn of failing to provide a patent fee report twice a year for certain products. No matter what technology companies, they hope to obtain excess profits from other companies through patented technology or commercial moats; and they are not satisfied, others charge their own high patent fees. This is a very contradictory phenomenon. square steel tubing for sale They think that they will benefit from it all the year round, but they don’t want others to benefit.

Apple and Qualcomm are the most famous case. Last year, Qualcomm launched an attack on Apple through legal means, prohibiting Apple from selling certain models of Apple phones. Returning to reality, patent and commercial moat charges are an objective reality.steel coil manufacturers The important premise of patent protection and business innovation is to charge, otherwise no one is willing to risk innovation or invent patent technology, then this bottom line still has to be observed. Then the problem comes, and what is in front of it is how to collect it properly, which is the most realistic issue at the moment. Otherwise, such lawsuits or technology companies will fight each other, which is not conducive to the advancement of science and technology. Instead, they should formulate corresponding charging standards as soon as possible. They should not feel better in accepting others. If they are in a bad mood, they will accept others a little more. Without any standards and charging cycles, it is difficult to get patent protection recognized. After all, relying on patent technology to capture the triumph, it also violates business ethics, can not always rely on past technological innovations to lie down and not enterprising, not conducive to social progress, but also not conducive to the technology company itself.

The international community should formulate relevant standards and strategies as soon as possible, and do not let high-tech companies waste a lot of time on such lawsuits. Some people say that shopping malls are like battlefields. However, the world battlefield has been peaceful for many years, but the war in the mall has never stopped. It is the rule that there is no reasonable mutual win.

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