Technology Giant Amazon’s Warehouse(I)

Amazon, a great online shopping platform in USA, now have developed and extend its e-commerce to worldwide including the most Countries in Asia and few countries in Africa. So as technology giant, why Amazon may develop so well and have been approved by the most of people across the world. Certainly, all good present and perspectives have to depend on its management. Especially e-commerce and service industry prefer to depend on its high efficient management involving in transportation and freight, warehouse and storage, essential service of after sales. Staff at Amazon’s Swansea warehouse saying ‘treated like robots’.tin plate suppliers

Amazon warehouse

A former employee at Amazon Swansea Warehouse claimed that the workers were ‘treated as robots’ and were often dismissed for failing to achieve ‘unrealistic goals’.

Meanwhile, the union is demanding talks with the online giant about safety and working conditions. Since 2015-16, 84 serious incidents have been reported to the Health and Safety Administration (HSE), the second highest point in the UK Amazon Center.

Amazon said its average number of injuries was 43% lower than other companies’ warehouses.Amazon employs 1,200 permanent employees in Swansea and more than 2,000 temporary employees at Christmas. Amazon warehouse accidents totaled 440.

Amazon has created 1,000 “highly skilled” jobs and Amazon’s welfare cuts to fund salary increases. “You are essentially a robot trying to get everything 100% perfect, and if you don’t meet those standards then you know about it.” a worker worked in Amazon’s warehouse.

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