Post- 90s, parents have begun to educate their children to “take precautions” (II)

In the era of overly caring children, parents are indeed facing unprecedented challenges. The goal of this survey is to show the current situation of Chinese parents’ anxiety from different dimensions, causing the whole society to pay attention to this issue, and more importantly, to analyze the reasons behind anxiety. Explore the trends and specific solutions for the reform and evolution of different educational entities in the entire education system,” Gao Yan said.

Educational experts and parent representatives interpret educational anxiety and return education to the essence

As the initiator and interpreter of the report, Gao Yan said, “The core of solving family education anxiety is to restore the child to a person with independent personality. Therefore, it is very important for parents to temporarily shift their eyes from their children to themselves. Change our perspectives and attitudes towards children, and continue to grow ourselves from the concept and ability, in order to better actively influence children.galvanized steel tubing suppliers ” Gao Yan said, “in the face of children, parents need to know children. Unique characteristics, accepting children’s imperfections, respecting children’s independent ideas, supporting children’s reasonable decisions, appreciating the children’s efforts, and caring for children’s sensitive minds.”

More and more parents, after having children, are beginning to worry about balancing their children’s education and personal growth. Fan Haitao believes that: “Parents must become learning and enterprising parents, and they will continue to learn and build their lives. A better pattern will provide children with a better step.” Lei Lei said from the perspective of the media, the media should play a role in empowering and filtering. First, select high-quality content to empower parents and children. The second is to avoid excessive transmission of anxiety.

“In the education of children, I pay great attention to interactivity. When my daughter is young, I exercise his observation ability and thinking ability, constantly inspire children’s interest in learning, and cultivate her thinking and creativity. When discussing the topic of “winning on the starting line”, Yan Shaocheng explained his daughter as an example. Parent representatives believe that in the education of children, parents should learn to let go properly. The most important thing is not to let the children become more successful people, but to let the children develop physically and mentally and do what they like best.

“The main reason for most parents’ anxiety is that their inner strength is not strong enough. They lose their educational direction in many comparative environments, thus losing control over their emotions and becoming nervous and anxious. Anxious parents are accompanied by strong desire to control. By organizing and controlling everything about the child, the child can’t explore new skills and can’t make choices on his own. It is easy to become a low-energy child. In addition, anxiety makes parents rarely encourage children, and it is easy for children to fall into inferiority and become difficult to integrate into the group. ”


Successful parents should play the role of “shepherd dog” in emotional intelligence education, accept the child’s bad emotions, set rules, teach children to find solutions to emotional solutions, and then develop the children into independent and happy emotional intelligence experts.

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