How much do You Know about Vacancy Rate? (II)

Vacant tax can solve two major problems

  1. Optimize the relationship between supply and demand. As everyone knows, many voices in the industry believe that China as a whole has bid farewell to the era of housing shortages, and the more and more houses are built. However, the reality is that although the house is everywhere, the demand for housing is still strong, and the situation of opening and selling has once appeared in various places.square steel tubing Why is this happening? Unlike the Hong Kong region of China, the vacancy phenomenon in the mainland stock market is more obvious than that of the developers. In the 20 years of rapid development of real estate, as house prices continue to rise, the speculative nature of the house has been magnified, which has led some people to master more houses, and naturally more vacant houses. In fact, in my opinion, vacant houses are equivalent to secondary stocks, which is undoubtedly a waste of housing resources. Once the vacant tax is imposed, the willingness to speculate and the mortuary will naturally decline, which will encourage multi-suite owners to turn vacant houses into effective supply and optimize the relationship between supply and demand.tin plate suppliers

  1. Regulate excessive housing prices. There are many means to regulate the property market, such as traditional restrictions on sales, price limits, purchase restrictions, etc., as well as the purchase of houses that have only appeared in recent years, but these measures are emergency, all is for quickly suppress the property market, is not the possibility of long-term existence. Since 2017, the term real estate long-term mechanism has begun to enter the public’s field of vision frequently, and this year is considered to be a year of transition from short-term to medium- and long-term, and a year of steady implementation of the real estate long-term mechanism. However, the real estate long-term mechanism includes specific measures, and the industry has different interpretations. Steel Pipe Suppliers But in the final analysis, it is already clear that the long-term mechanism will comprehensively use financial, land, fiscal, taxation, investment, and legislation. This shows that this cannot be done overnight, but rather a process of gradual improvement. From the perspective of fiscal and taxation, we believe that, like real estate tax, vacant tax is also one of the important tools to regulate the property market. By taxing the holding link, once the vacant cost is much higher than the gain from the increase, the demand for speculative real estate will naturally decrease, and the house price will naturally tend to go down, thus maximizing the full utilization of housing resources and ensuring the need and Improved demand. So, is the possibility of vacant taxes falling?

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