Disadvantages and advantages of cycling every day(II)

The disadvantages of cycling

Researchers in Boston and Italy found that the longer for men’ cycling, the greater the risk of impotence or loss of libido.


Austrian research institutes have also done research: many men who like mountain biking have calcification in their scrotum after wound healing. About 5% of people with high cycling intensity suffer from moderate or severe impotence, the researchers said.square steel tubing for sale

Kindly reminder

The bicycle should be repaired regularly to keep it in good condition. Whether the brakes and bells are sensitive and normal is particularly important.


Bicycle size should be appropriate, do not ride children’s toy bicycles on the street. Do not ride a large size bike as not tall people.


When riding a bicycle, we do not climb the motor vehicle, do not carry heavy things, do not ride with people, do not wear headphones to listen to the radio when riding a bicycle.


Do not learn to ride a bicycle on the road; children under the age of twelve should not ride a bicycle to the street.

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