Computer radiation hazard

The statement about computer radiation lead to hair loss

The computer radiation is not the first reason of hair loss. galvanized steel coils It is the key point of hair loss if you use computer for too long time; the brain is highly concentrated when we use the computer. When the time is too long, the brain excitement will increase, and the endocrine will be disordered. The secretion of sebaceous glands connected with the hair follicle will cause the hair follicle embolize, the nutrient supply of the hair will be impaired, the hair will become brittle, and the hair will fall off. tinplate For mild hair loss, it can be alleviated by reducing computer use time and adjusting lifestyle.

The statement about computer radiation can hurt our eyes

Blue light radiation

As traditional CRT displays are replaced by more and more liquid crystal flat panel displays, liquid crystal displays have obvious advantages compared with traditional CRT displays in terms of solving screen flash and illumination quality,Steel Tubing but with the increasing popularity of LED lights and flat panel displays, more and more opposition voices are beginning to emerge.

A survey by the German authoritative computer magazine “Macwelt” shows that although the ordinary displays have much less radiation, but because of their high brightness, they are more likely to make our eyes tired and may even cause headaches and other symptoms. In fact, this problem id not only exist on the LED PC, but on the LED TV. Some producers like to use the “polish technology” to make the display screen of the machines looks more high-level, for the consumers, if they use this kind of screen for a long time, their eyes are easy to hurt by the

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