Apple Mobile Phone In China(I)

Apple Mobile Phone has so many trouble matter in China now. Meanwhile, Qualcomm accuses Apple of infringement. We know from many channels that Apple Chinese distributors are actively watching the development of this issue, and basically suspend the demand for continued pick-up goods. So what is development and related analysis below,square steel tubing

Interview China local Distributor, Tmall and other online sales platforms will be hit by the first wave after charge apple’s infringement by Qualcomm. Apple dealers in Henan province, China told the media that the current offline stores mainly sell new Apple products such as the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR, while the main selling platform for the old models was online.

The dealer said that the launch of the Chinese ban on the sale of the iPhone would not only stop Chinese dealers from picking up goods, but also cause dealers to panic over the two days. Third-party data show that the Chinese ban on the sale of the iPhone will affect more than 60% of the sales of the iPhone in China.

At present, it is difficult to determine whether the banned Chinese iPhones (Apple mobile Phones) can be distributed to the U.S. and European markets, but it will inevitably lead to stock of Apple phones in the Chinese market.

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