Pork Balls Soup(II)

Nutrition of Food materials

The nutritional value of pork is the lowest in protein content and the highest in fat content. Lean pork has a high protein content, up to 29 grams of protein per 100 grams and 6 grams of fat. After stewing, the fat content of pork will also decrease. Pork is also rich in vitamin B, which can make the body feel stronger. Pork also provides essential fatty acids for the human body.

Pork can provide heme (organic iron) and cysteine promoting iron absorption, can improve iron deficiency anemia. Pork chops nourish the body, pork stomach invigorate spleen and stomach.


1 Prepared fresh pork, then cut complete pork into small pieces, then chop and mince it till minced pork.Steel Pipe Suppliers

2 Sesame oil less mix with minced pork, minced ginger, chicken essence, egg white and salts. Stir it evenly.

3 Prepare the slices of ginger.

4 Wax gourd, we have to peel the skin of wax gourd, then cut it into 0.5 cm thickness of slice of wax gourd.

5 Put proper edible oil into stove, heat oil then put the slice of ginger into stove with slice of wax gourd.

6 Fried the wax gourd for a while, then immediately pour the water into stove and boil.

7 When the soup is boiled, then squeeze the minced meat into evenly sized meatballs and put all meatballs into stove.

8 stew about the meatball soup for 15 minutes.

9 you may taste this delicious Pork balls soup as well. You may garnish the soup by coriander.


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